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Manual Instructions Guide For Electric Chain Hoist


  • An Electric Chain hoist is a electric equipment in which the high capacity Alloy Steel Chain is used as a lifitng element to lift the material or object vertically up or down.
  • Electric Chain Hoist is used as a stand alone equipment, used in the overhead crane or jib crane or in goliath crane.
  • LOADMATE Chain Hoists is ideal solutions for different kind of workstation.
  • Electric Chain hoist is preferred over Electric Wire Rope hoist in several cases based on the application.
  • Before operating Electric Chain hoist, main component such as brake, switchgears, clutch, remote, hook must be checked well.

  • Expected Goal:

  • Under the normal working condition, the vertical lifting and descending and horizontal movement of electric chain hoist is controlled by pendant push button.

  • Preparations:

  • There will be some risk when electric chain hoist works with heavy load, especially when it is not properly operated or poorly maintained.
  • Due to potential serious accidents and casualties, do remember  that safety always comes first when you are operating, maintaining or checking euro serial electric chain hoist.

    Instructions for safe use

    • Do not use the hoist to lift, support or carry persons.
    • Do not operate it close to/over persons.
    • Do not lift more than rated load marked on the name plate of electric chain hoist.
    • Always remind the persons nearby of safety before lifting load.
    • Always read carefully safety instructions.
  • Do remember that it is and operator`s responsibility to make correct installation and operation. For more documents of safety operation of the hoist, please refer to all relevant safety regulations and other laws.
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  • Electric chain hoist characteristics motor brake, hook and hook latch, limit switch, friction clutch.
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    Pre-Operation Preparations and Examinations

    • Do remember that only trained personnel should operate the hoist.
    • Before using the hoist, ensure to check it according to “aily exam” requirements.
    • Ensure that chain is long enough.
    • Always check if hook latch can normally work, if not replace the missing one or the damaged one.
    • Always check brake before using the hoist.
    • Whenever two hoists must be used to lift load, ensure that load capacities of the two hoists must be more than/equal to the load.
    • Ensure to use original chain or the chain authorized by manufacturer.
    • Do check and keep the lubrication of load chain surface.
    • Do not use electric chain hoist without name plate.
    • Do not use modified or distorted hook.
    • Do not use electric chain hoist in the explosive environment.

    During-operation Regulations

      • Make sure that load correctly lies in the hook.
      • Ensure to tighten chain and load sling when starting to lift load. Do not suddenly add load.
      • Do not operated the chain too slowly.
      • Do not reverse motor hoist before it has completely  stopped working.
      • Make sure that the hoist is in service life and operate it within rated load and ED.
      • Ensure to operate it after making load center of gravity right underneath the hoist.
      • Do not use hoist chain as a load sling.
      • Do not use a distorted, twisted or extended load chain.
      • Do not shake suspending load.
      • Do not support the load with hook tip.
      • Do not scrape some sharp edge with load chain.
      • Do not weld or cut the suspending load.
      • Do not use the hoist chain as a welding electrode.
      • Do not operate the hoist when the chain jumps or makes much noise.
      • Do not use inverted load chain.
  • Don not frequently use friction clutch and limit switch, otherwise the hoist will be seriously damaged and can cause harm to the surroundings.
  • Do not forcefully push the button cord.


    Installation of Electric Chain Hoist – hook suspension

    • Choosing chain container
  • Chain container is used for containing load chain when the load is lifted.
  • Check whether the stopper is correctly fixed on the third link starting from the no-load side chain.
  • The stopper with upper limit switch should be fixed on the sixth link of the load side. The stopper with upper/lower switch should be fixed on the eighth link.
  • Chain can not be distorted or twisted when it is sent from the free end to chain container, otherwise it many touch limit switch and stop the hoist falling.
  • 001
  • In addition each chain container tells the maximum length of load chain that it can hold.
  • It is dangerous to use a chain container which cannot hold the load chain. Only when all load chain is put into the chain container , limit switch can normally work.
  • So it is important to make sure of load chain length before its container is decided.
    • Lubricating gear case
    • Lubricating load chain
    • Checking chain alignment
    • Checking cables and working voltage


    Installing Electric Chain Hoist & Motorized Trolley

  • Installing chain hoist with trolley then must be five item refer like chain container, lubricating gear case, load chain , chain alignment, install trolley.
  • Chain hoist connect with chain container, cushion rubber, stopper, chain container suspender, socket bolt, lever nut, chain container spring, plain washer.
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    Operation Test

  • Do not go away when the load is still being suspended and or leave it hanging too long.
  • Electric chain hoist Operation test in different kind of test like lifting test, Traversing  Test, Limit Switch Test, Lifting & Falling Brake Test, Emergency Stop Button Test.
  • After Hoist packed unboxed first proper check parts match with invoice or instruction manual.
  • All proper checking electric chain hoist connect with trolley proper, trolley join with beam, bolt-nut-split pin proper tight.
  • Lifting test is push button press and check travelling direction. Limit switch test in upper limit and lower limit switch.
  • Lifting brake test button release then stop at time motor. When push emergency stop button then check hook is stop or not.
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  • Make sure that it is professional technicians who have a routine check of the electric chain hoist. Electric chain hoist maintenance activity must be note down specific time period.
  • Always off power when hoist in repair. After repair hoist must be test load before the main operation.
  • Replace oil gear at least five years even if hoist not use minimum worked hours. If you can use light load then after 360hrs change gear oil , moderate load in 240hrs, heavy loads 120hrs.
        • Always keep load chain in lubrication
        • Do not extend load chain by connecting, adding or welding.
        • Do not touch the electrified components.
        • Do not adjust friction clutch.
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    Breakdown Exclusion:

  • Breakdown is failure, machine stop working.Hoist Breakdown give negative impact on production or manufacturer cycle.
  • Breakdown is highest chance generate automatically. But if you can point not down some step follow then 85% less chances to Breakdown Generate during working time.
  • Electric chain hoist breakdown exclusion must be need to troubleshoot fast and make the hoist working again safely.
  • Some of the basic breakdown exclusion is electric cable shock, not motor movable, hoist can`t  stop, hoist can`t lift load, lubrication oil leaks, load chain noise generate and much more…
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