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How To Use A Electric Wire Rope Hoist For The First Time?

Electric Wire Rope hoists are composed of a electric motors, Gearboxes, Rope drum with rope guides, electric panel and   large wire rope connected to a hook. Electric Wire Rope Hoists are used to carry large objects weighing between 100 Kgs and 20 tons in various conditions like severe heat while welding, over the burners and […]
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How To Use An Overhead Crane?

Overhead cranes are powerful machines that lift and move heavy weight objects. There also can be an accident waiting to happen if the operators don’t know how to use an overhead crane safely and properly. Following these guidelines can help avert severe accidents and injuries. Instructions Crane Capacity: Know the crane’s load capacity. Any loads […]
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How To Install A Electric Chain Hoist?

Things to make sure before installation: The hoist and trolley are packaged respectively. Firstly check if the quantity of the hoist accords with the number of units in invoice and if there are any damages occurred from the transportation or abnormal packing. Also Check the nameplate and see if the rated capacity, lifting speed, lifting […]

Safety Measures For Hoists

Electric hoists make lifting heavy objects very easy. These hoists can lift ranging from kgs to tones. But at the same time it is required to maintain proper safety measures to ensure the safety of Hoist, load and the operator. Safety measures include proper knowledge about the hoist, load and operating practices which includes training […]
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How To Choose A Manual Chain Pulley Block?

Manual Chain Pulley block is a small piece of machine engineered to lift heavy loads that you and all your friends put together can handle. They can be used in any and every industry wherever there is a need of heavy material lifting and moving it to other place precisely. When coupled with geared trolley […]
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The Journey From Manual Chain Blocks To Electric Chain Hoist

The invention of Pulleys dates back to the early 3rd century BC, and is credited to Archimedes, a Greek inventor. He invented a pulley design to haul ships out of the sea. This was done using a special hook and tackle system. Such early inventions of pulleys system led to the development of chain hoist. […]
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Electric Chain Hoist Or Electric Wire Rope Hoist? How To Decide?

Electric Chain hoist and Electric Wire Rope hoist are both electrically powered heavy duty machines designed for lifting objects that are heavier than human limits. The usage also includes the conditions where the lifting height is more or it is frequent requirement. Modern design and advanced mechanism have significantly improved the performance of both electric chain […]
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Invention And Evolution Of Chain Pulley Blocks

The invention of pulley dates back to ancient times of Archimedes, a mathematician and an inventor. With the invention of pulley system, lifting of materials became easier because pulleys make our center of gravity on the object change. As the technologies in the world evolved, there were frequent instances of moving or lifting heavy objects […]

Low Headroom Chain Hoist

There have been instance where our clients faced difficulty with normal chain hoist because of low headroom available above the machinery to be lifted. Keeping this in mind our design department has launced the hoist that requires ultra low headroom. LOADMATE Super low headroom hoist is designed for very limited headroom applications, where a normal […]
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What Is A Bridge In EOT Crane?

An EOT crane is mounted on two overhead rails or tracks with the main structural element of the crane forming a bridge that can move along the length of the rails. The rails are supported by a building structure, making a bridge crane a permanent installation. Design of Bridge : The bridge of a EOT […]