Product Description

LOADMATE manufactures and suppliers of Chain Pulley Blocks that are designed perfectly to meet the modern material‐handling requirements. Our Chain Pulley Blocks are highly safe, light‐weight, easy to handle, sturdy and are very reliable. They are manufactured using high‐quality components which increases their credibility, durability and safety. All our chain pulley blocks are designed as per IS: 3832 and conform to all the technical and safety parameters which guide the same. We have two types of Chain Pulley Blocks – “A‐Series” and “HD‐Series”

LOADMATE A ‐Series Chain Pulley Blocks (1 MT ‐ 30 MT):

Our A‐Series Chain Pulley Blocks are optimally designed to meet various modern industrial usage needs. They have been proven to be tough, reliable and durable. These blocks are easy to handle, safe, light‐weight but yet very sturdy. These are heavy duty blocks and pulling effort requirement is relatively lower than competition.

Standard Features

  • Meets all pertinent world standards
  • Compact design for limited headroom applications
  • Designed to ease the portability and durability of the block
  • Double Pawls are provided with the ratchet disc and disc break for appropriate locking mechanism and safety
  • To ensure safety and long life, all the load bearing parts are heat treated
  • Load chain made of Alloy Steel Grade 80 as per IS:3832 is used in all of our blocks
  • Double stage reduction gear mechanism is used to reduce the effort and enhance the efficiency
  • Needle roller bearing is provided for smooth operation
  • Load Sheave is hardened and machined precisely for smooth function of the block capacity before it is distorted
  • Every Chain Pulley Block is tested at 150% of the rated capacity
  • Safety Factor is 6 times of the rated capacity
  • We recommend this for Mechanism Class‐IV use where in average the working hours are more than 6 Hours/Day and they usually have a lifetime of more than 40,000 working hours if kept in a proper manner in dry places

Technical Parameters

 Model  A-0.5 A-1 A-2 A-3SA-3DA-5A-10A-15A-20
Rated Load(T)0.512335101520
Standard Lift(m)333333333
Test Load (T)0.751.534.54.57.51522.530
Efforts required at capacity(N)262295332324324504504504504
Diameter of Load chain (mm)67.1810810101010
No. of Load Chain111122468
 Net Weight(kg) 7151641224568125160
Extra weight per meter of extra lift(kg) 1.5 1.82

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