Product Description


Owing to our contemporary manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer a broad array of Heavy Duty Electric Wire Rope Hoist. Here are some benefits of using our Electric Wire Rope Hoists:

  • They are designed for start/stop duties and hence usability convenience is there
  • They are ideal for heavy Duty applications
  • They are suitable for industrial use as they are rugged, reliable and are safe to use
  • They make low noise while working
  • All the casings and parts are hardened for longer life
  • All our hoists require low maintenance
  • They are dust and vermin proof
  • Interlocks prevents accidental operations of opposing motions
  • Low voltage pendant for operator safety is present in the hoist
  • Sheave guards protect sheave and rope from damage
  • Limit Switches prevent accidental over‐hoisting/ over‐lowering of the hook
  • Maximum/minimum heights can be adjusted as per the user requirement

Standard Features

  • Rugged design due to use of ring type rope guide is a boon for the working conditions in India.
  • Use of overload relay for safety is an addition which makes the hoist safer.
  • We use geared couplings for better transmission.
  • Rope Drum is steel fabricated or is grooved from seamless pipe and is designed to accommodate the whole length of wire rope in one layer with the spacing as mentioned in the IS standards.
  • Rope Guide is made of special close grain castings and is specially designed and accurately machined to suit the grooves of the wire rope drum.
  • Wire Rope of steel/ fibre core as per IS : 2266 of reputed quality is used (We usually use 'Usha Martin' make Wire Rope).
  • Gear Box is totally enclosed, oil/ grease lubricated, helical and dust‐free and is provided for a smooth, trouble free usage for durability.
  • In some cases, compact design is ensured by embedding the gearbox inside the drum.
  • Use of planetary gearbox leads to smooth & low noise operations.
  • Heavy duty deep groove ball/ roller bearings of reputed make are used on all rotating parts and are grease‐packed for a longer bearing life.
  • Forged steel shank type hook as per IS : 15560 with Thrust Bearing for Swivel is used in the hoist as the main lifting hook.
  • Use of imported brake motor which gives long life multi‐speed is used for the braking purpose.
  • Snap action type limit switches are provided to avoid over hoisting and over lowering.
  • The hoist is controlled from ground level by pendent type push buttons operating on a low voltage of 110/ 24 V. We provide reputed German make pendent and hence quality is guaranteed.
  • Runner wheel can be factory adjusted for various size of I‐Beams and trolleys. Electrical, manual or pull type may be provided as per client requirement.
  • Optional rotary limit switch limits hoisting motion

Technical Parameters

S.W.L(Kgs) Height of Lift No Of Falls Speeds Motors Wire Rope Dia
Hoisting Cross Travel Hoisting Cross Travel
500 6 Mtr 2 5 18 1 0.25 6
1000 6 Mtr 2 4 18 1.5 0.25 8
2000 6 Mtr 2 4 16 3 0.5 10
3000 6 Mtr 4 3.5 16 5 1 10
5000 6 Mtr 4 3.5 16 7.5 1 12
7500 6 Mtr 4 3 15 10 1.25 12
10,000 6 Mtr 4 2.5 15 12.5 1.5 16
15,000 6 Mtr 4 2 12 15 2 18
20,000 6 Mtr 4 2 12 18 2 20

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