Product Description

Goliath Crane also referred as Gantry Crane is an extended design of EOT Crane where the Crane move on rails mounted on floor level instead of rails placed at elevated level with the help of its own legs (supports). This eliminates the need for building structure and hence the capital cost reduces. As no building structure is required for it, Goliath Crane are majorly used in outdoor applications. However, these can also be installed inside a closed building.

Standard Features

For outdoor duty goliath crane, special protection is provided depending on application and requirement of buyer. These special features are
  • Corrosion: Main load bearing structural members are designed considering the corrosion allowance.
  • Rain water: To prevent the accumulation of rain water on walkways, drilled holes are provided on walkway or sometimes the walkway is fabricated with slant degree to avoid accumulation of water.
  • Hood: All the mechanism like Complete Crab i.e Hoisting Gearbox/ Motor/ Brake, Cross Travel mechanism, long travel mechanism are fully covered with suitable hoods or coverings.
  • Parking Brake: To ensure more safety, additional parking brakes are provided to prevent Long travel motion when parked.
  • Paint: Suitable paint is used for outdoor duty to withstand rain, moisture, sunlight and other natural conditions.
  • Storm Stability: Outdoor duty Goliath cranes are also checked for stability under storm condition. Under storm conditions, chances of toppling of cranes are very high, so special storm anchors are provided for safety.
  • Wind Resistance: Wind resistance has a vital role in designing of goliath crane as the crane mechanism has to overcome wind resistance opposing the crane movement in addition to the power required to accelerate and move the safe working load at full speed. Castellated structure is considered to counter the effect in case the wind resistance is more.
  • Power Supply: Usually the Long Travels are high in case of outdoor applications, so power supply to the crane is provided through DG Set or Cable Reeling drum. DG Set eliminates the need of cabling completely. Shrouded bus bar is not preferred in Goliath cranes.
  • Speed: The rests on its on support (legs) so the travelling motion are required to be smooth. The Cross travel and Long Travel speed selection is a very important feature. Soft start and soft stop is a mandatory feature irrespective of the speed.

Technical Parameters

Single Girder SGC Double Girder SGC
Max. load capacity [t] 20 150
Span dimension [Mtr] up to 30 up to 35
Height [Mtr] up to 12 up to 15
Hoisting   [MPM] up to 8 up to 10
Cross Travel  [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Long Travels [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Stepless motions possible in all 3 axes possible in all 3 axes
• SGC = Semi Goliath Crane

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