Product Description

A Semi Goliath Crane is a hybrid design with a combination of EOT Crane and Goliath Crane. One side it is Goliath Crane where the end carriage travels on a rail track mounted on ground (or at lower elevation) and other side it is EOT Crane where the end carriage will travel on regular gantry rail mounted on brackets (or at any other higher elevation).

It is best used in the indoor application where the part utilization of the bay is required like in a tool room or in a big bay where crane coverage is required over a particular machine kept near to the side walls. Semi Goliath crane is also an ideal supplement in outdoor application where outer side of the existing building can be used to mount the gantry rails.

Standard Features

  • Safe Working Loads (SWL) up to 50 T.
  • Spans up to 30 m (dependent on SWL).
  • Thruster rollers and two drive motors on the high-level end carriage.
  • With obstacle detection and rotating beacons for added safety.
  • Without guide rails on the floor.
  • Robust torsion resistant box girder design.

Technical Parameters

Single Girder SGC Double Girder SGC
Max. load capacity [t] 20 100
Span dimension [Mtr] up to 30 up to 35
Height [Mtr] up to 12 up to 15
Hoisting   [MPM] up to 8 up to 10
Cross Travel  [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Long Travels [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Stepless motions possible in all 3 axes possible in all 3 axes
• SGC = Semi Goliath Crane

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