Product Description

LOADMATE is recognized as a quality manufacturer of overhead Single girder cranes. Overhead cranes are being used in a wide range of lifting’s ranging from the lightest duty to severe industrial applications. The New Generation of Heavy Industrial et Cranes from LOADMATE is a result of years of experience and a total devotion to this market. Utilizing the latest technology, LOADMATE line of single girder eot Cranes are manufactured to provide a high performance lifting systems. LOADMATE EOT crane is a heavy duty & low maintenance crane. It’s rugged construction and space saving design provide maximum utilization of available area.

Standard Features

Steel Construction
  • The bridge girder of every LOADMATE crane is designed to the current CMAA specifications and can be engineered to meet other local codes and regulations.
  • Both rolled structural shapes and welded plate box girder designs are used depending on the design requirements.
  • Box girders are fabricated from 44W steel.
End Trucks
  • The crane end trucks are manufactured from structural sections and are jig assembled to ensure alignment of bearings and axles.
  • Dual motor bridge drives are standard. Other drive types are available upon request.
  • Bridge to End Truck connections are bolted.
  • Bridge wheels are flanged with anti‐friction bearings.
  • Rail sweeps and rubber bumpers are standard on all end trucks.
Hoisting Machinery
  • The hoisting machinery consists of a LOADMATE heavy duty industrial type standard wire hoist unit mounted on a low headroom type trolley.
  • Motors are totally enclosed fan cooled, hoist duty with Class “F” insulation.
  • Gears are precision machined from alloy steel and induction hardened. All gearing is enclosed in a rugged steel housing and is oil splash lubricated.
  • Steel wire rope drums are precision machined.
  • Rope drums are available in both single & double grooved configurations.
  • Hoists are equipped with rope guides to prevent over lapping of the rope on the drum and to extend rope life.
  • Upper and lower hoisting limit switches are standard.
  • The trolley is fabricated from structural shapes and plates to suit the application.
  • All motors are specifically designed for hoist and crane duty.
  • All motors are totally enclosed fan cooled with Class “F” insulation.
  • All trolley and bridge drive motors have disc brakes as standard equipment.
  • Each crane is supplied with control pendants as standard equipment.
  • Other types of controls such as cab control, infrared, or pendant control station sliding on an independent track are available.
  • LOADMATE Cranes are supplied with variable speed controls for the trolley and bridge motions. The hoist is supplied with a 2‐speed configuration.
  • The electrical components are housed in electrical cabinets to suit the applicable environment.
  • Bridge electrification is provided via a flat cable festoon system suspended from a track as standard equipment.
  • The hoist is finished in enamel paint.
  • The crane steel structure is thoroughly wire brushed and finished with anti‐corrosion paint.
The following components/features can be supplied:
  • Overload Switch
  • Power Circuit Limit Switch
  • Rotation Warning Beacon
  • Anti‐Collision Equipment
  • Runway Electrification
  • Travel Limits for Bridge & Trolley
  • Weighing Equipment
  • Variable Speed Hoist Control
  • 2 Speed Bridge & Trolley Motions
  • Bridge Lights
  • Warning Horn or Bell
  • Other options are available on request.
  • Custom designed to suit many applications as part of a “Total Crane System”package.

Technical Parameters

Safe Working Load: Up to 20,000 kg Spans: 6m to 30m Heights of Lift: As per customer specifications. Design Standards: Equivalent to M5,M7,M8 as per IS-6547, IS 807,3177, 3938 AND 4137 standards

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