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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

LOADMATE Wire rope hoists feature high handling rates and are cost-efficient with maximum safety. As basic hoist units for monorail application i.e only one horizontal directional operation or as lifting solutions along with the Crane, with our wide range of Electric wire rope hoists we offer the best in industry solution to meet our customer\’s […]

What Do You Want From Your Wire Rope Hoist?

The Electric wire rope hoist is one of the most widely sold LOADMATE products. Anywhere where people want to lift weights up to 20 tons, you can often find a LOADMATE wire rope hoist doing the job. The reliability and versatility of the hoist has made LOADMATE the most trust worthy supplier of wire rope […]

How To Use A Electric Wire Rope Hoist For The First Time?

Electric Wire Rope hoists are composed of a electric motors, Gearboxes, Rope drum with rope guides, electric panel and   large wire rope connected to a hook. Electric Wire Rope Hoists are used to carry large objects weighing between 100 Kgs and 20 tons in various conditions like severe heat while welding, over the burners and […]
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Electric Chain Hoist Or Electric Wire Rope Hoist? How To Decide?

Electric Chain hoist and Electric Wire Rope hoist are both electrically powered heavy duty machines designed for lifting objects that are heavier than human limits. The usage also includes the conditions where the lifting height is more or it is frequent requirement. Modern design and advanced mechanism have significantly improved the performance of both electric chain […]
Manual Chain Pulley Blocks (2)

Invention And Evolution Of Chain Pulley Blocks

The invention of pulley dates back to ancient times of Archimedes, a mathematician and an inventor. With the invention of pulley system, lifting of materials became easier because pulleys make our center of gravity on the object change. As the technologies in the world evolved, there were frequent instances of moving or lifting heavy objects […]