Overhead EOT Cranes Unique Features

Overhead cranes have their own importance in various industries such as construction, shipyards, steel, mining, and several others. These cranes are used for different industrial activities, most common is to move the extremely heavy objects from one place to another. The fast-paced industrialization globally has made the utilization of overhead cranes an essential segment of […]
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Manual Instructions Guide For Electric Chain Hoist

  An Electric Chain hoist is a electric equipment in which the high capacity Alloy Steel Chain is used as a lifitng element to lift the material or object vertically up or down. Electric Chain Hoist is used as a stand alone equipment, used in the overhead crane or jib crane or in goliath crane. […]
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I beam Manual Trolley Structure & Installation

Geared Trolley & Push Pull Trolley Structure Geared trolley structure as shown in figure 1. It consists of the left side plate (10), right side plate (7), hoist shaft (6), lifting rings (8) hand chain wheel (3) and driving axis (4) Plan trolley`s structure as shown in figure 2 it also consists of left side […]
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Electric Chain Hoist – Breakdown Exclusion

Electric Chain Hoist – Breakdown exclusion cover the various reason of Electric Chain Hoist breakdown and the best and fastest way to troubleshoot the reason and make the hoist running again safely. Before following the below mentioned exclusion, kindly refer the instruction manual provided along with the hoist. Phenomenon Reasons Instructions Measures Going the other […]

Hoist & Trolley : Safety Tips

Safety First, Safety Last and Safety Always: Danger exists when heavy loads are transported, particularly when the equipment is not being used properly or is poorly maintained. Because accidents and serious injury could result, special safety precautions apply to the operation, maintenance and inspection of LOADMATE hoists and trolleys. Kindly read the below mentioned general […]
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Electric Chain Hoist: Final Checks before Usage

1. Preparations Read carefully what has been explicit in the instruction manual provided alongside the Chain hoist, ensuring that every step is properly completed and every one component is powerfully fixed. Such  as:   Is electric chain hoist properly put into the trolley? Is trolley stopper properly placed on the beam? Are bolt, nut and split pin tightened? Can […]

How Much Do You Know about Electric Chain Hoist Maintenance?

Firstly make sure that it is professional technicians who will be carrying out the electric chain hoist maintenance activity of the electric chain hoist for you. Basic To Do’s and Dont’s Always keep load chain in lubrication. Do not extend load chain by connecting, adding or welding extra load chain. Do not touch the electrified components. Do […]
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Installing Electric Chain Hoist with Motorized Trolley

Please refer below five items for installing electric chain hoist with a trolley. Before installation chain hoist attention regarding voltage. If the voltage is not proper, serious damage will occur to the working hoist. To prevent such an incident from happening to make sure that the wiring meets the requirements of a power supply. Attaching […]

Electric Chain Hoist Specification – Infographic

Loadmate electric chain hoist specification a light weight, compact design in capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 35 tonnes. Single die-cast aluminum body, reduced headroom, improved efficiency, easier maintenance, unparalleled safety standards. EMBED CODE Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to www.loadmate.in with this graphic.
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Goliath/Gantry Crane

LOADMATE offers foremost material handling equipment’s that square measure made-up from up-to-date technologies. we tend to perpetually use high-quality raw materials in our producing method and that we are reckoned as one of the acknowledged makers and suppliers of Goliath Crane (Also called Goliath Cranes). framework cranes square measure self-propelled cranes that run on rails […]