Product Description

LOADMATE HD Chain Pulley Block are ergonomically designed, manufactured with high‐quality components and are one of the best chain pulley blocks in the industry. These have a capacity ranging from 1 MT to 20 MT and are built to ease the portability & durability of the block.

LOADMATE Heavy Duty Series Chain Blocks have been designed for maximum durability and safety with continuous heavy-duty industrial applications. Available in standard lift heights of 3, 6, 9 and 12 meters, these superior units can be close coupled to LOADMATE Push Pull and Geared Trolleys for further reduced headroom. Optional lift heights also available.

Standard Features

  • They are fitted with top and bottom “Forged Carbon Steel” safety hooks to resist fracture under excessive load
  • Load chain made of Alloy Steel Grade 80 as per IS : 3832 is used in all of our blocks
  • Heavy Duty Pawl is provided with the ratchet disc and disc break for appropriate locking mechanism and safety
  • To ensure safety and long life, all the load bearing parts are heat treated
  • Properly sealed gears and brake protects them against damage from dust and corrosion
  • Load Sheave is machined precisely and mounted on ball bearing for proper working of the block
  • Smooth passage of load chain with machined guide rollers ensures optimum efficiency of the Chain Pulley Block
  • Before it is dispatched for use by clients, each H‐Series Chain Pulley Block is tested at 150% of the rated capacity
  • Safety factor of load chain is 6 times of the rated capacity which complies with the IS Standards
  • We recommend them for Mechanism Class‐III use where in average the working hours are not more than 3 Hours/Day and they usually have a lifetime

Technical Parameters

 Capacity  MT   1   2  3 5 7.5 7.5
Number of Falls - 1 2 2 2 3 4
Hand chain required to be passed  Meter(approx) 52 104 104 152 238 288
over for lifting load through one meter
Running pull on hand chain kgs. 26 28 43 49 50 61
Weight at 3 mtr. Lift kgs. 21 30 35 60 88 126
Extra weight per additional meter kgs. 2.9 4.3 4.3 5.2 7.0 14.4

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